Jack Russell
    The Jack Russell Terriers'
    history began with a man
    named Reverend John
    Russell. He was commonly
    referred to as Parson Jack.
    The Jack Russell Terrier
    breed started with a small
    white Fox Terrier…a female
    by the name of "Trump".
    Trump was breed
    specifically for hunting, a
    task requiring great
    stamina, intelligence, spirit,
    and conformationals.
    The Jack Russells were
    breed to handle difficult
    trails, small tunnels, and
    hidden dens to flush out

    The Jack Russell Terriers
    have three distinct hair
    types. They are commonly
    referred to as the smooth
    coat, the broken coat and a
    slightly wire-hair texture.
    Their coat should be no
    less than 51% white. Jack
    Russell Terriers are found
    in two sizes. They are either
    10 to 12 inches tall or 12 to
    15 inches tall. The Jack
    Russell Terrier’s body
    should be proportional to
    its height. It should be
    yet well balanced and
    athletic in appearance.
    Their tails are often docked
    at birth to about 4 inches
    and should be carried
    and high in the air. Their
    paws are generally small,
    well padded and should
    point straight, not angled
    out. Jack Russell’s ears are
    usually folded forward and
    close to the head.However,
    some admirers prefer ears
    that are pricked
    or sticking up slightly.

    These little dogs are
    packed full of energy! They
    are best suited to those
    with a very active lifestyle.
    They are extremely social
    require a good bit of
    attention. They should be a
    house or inside dog but it
    helps to have access to
    open spaces to burn off
    excess energy.
    TheseTerriers were breed
    to be hunters, so they love
    to chase toys and balls or
    go for a long run.Since
    they are a hunting
    breed, they help keep
    pests away… but should be
    supervised around other
    pets such as cats,
    hamsters, and other small

    Jack Russell Terriers love
    children and they are
    generally considered safe
    with all ages if they are
    raised with the children
    and trained properly. They
    are fun loving, playful dogs
    and will entertain you with
    both their intelligence and
    their antics. However,
    children under
    the age of six years old
    should always
    be supervised around

    Jack Russell Terriers have
    become increasingly
    popular due to their fame
    on recent movies and T.V.
    shows such as Frasier,
    Jim Carey's Mask, Gene
    Hackman’s Crimson Tide,
    Disney's Wishbone, and My
    Dog Skip...just to name a
    The home for my adult jack
    russell terriers was built
    March-May of 2005 It
    boasts 10 outside runs, the
    smallest being 11 x 90 feet
    and the largest 30 x 93
    feet. All 9 outside runs
    have access to their own
    inside area where they can
    go to stay cool/warm
    depending on the time
    of the year.  In the summer,
    my dogs have fans full time
    blowing on them and in the
    winter there are heaters
    and a wood burning stove
    to keep them warm.......
    Inside you will also find
    cabinets to store doggie
    items in, a wash basin
    (perish the thought!), and a
    hot water heater to make
    the water more suitable....
    oh, the life we must
sometimes personalities just
don't mix, and sometimes the
pup just doesn't meet a person's
expectations. However, I
example, if the pup arrives at his
or her new home and is exposed
to a virus and contracts it and
becomes ill or debilitated from
it... or the
    What are the prices
    for the Jack
    Russells? Does it
    My pups start at $700 for
    Companion Pet Quality........
    $800. - $1500 for breeding
    Puppies are priced
    according to their
    bloodlines and outstanding
    breeding quality. Pricing
    often depends on the
    parents, the quality
    of the pup and the way it
    conforms to the breed
    standard, conformation,
    coloring, or the coats.  My
    prices do not depend on
    what the buyer plans to do
    with the pup (breed or
    spay/neuter), but rather the
    quality of the pup.

    How old are the pups
    when you let them go
    to their new home?  
    Most Jack Russells are
    released after eight
    weeks.  Some I keep
    longer. This depends on
    the situation it is going to
    be placed in. Sometimes
    the prospective owner may
    be spending some time
    traveling or be "out of
    pocket" and not ready to
    accommodate a new
    pup in their home and I
    don't mind keeping the
    baby until his/her new
    owner is ready.  I also like
    to make sure the pups
    have had at
    least two vaccinations
    before traveling to their
    new home.  

    Do you ship your
    dogs? If so, on what
    airline and how much
    will it cost?  
    Shipping on Delta Airlines
    usually runs around
    $230.00. Crate and health
    certificate are included in
    the price of the pup.  Every
    once in awhile I can find a
    ride going in that direction
    and some pups are
    delivered that way if they
    ride with dog minded

    Are your dogs good
    with children?  
    is more aggressive or
    dominant than the others.
    When that happens I am
    much more careful to place
    that pup in a suitable home.

    aggressive a
    pup will be. This is not
    ALWAYS the case, but many
    times will follow this
    pattern. Carefully
    continuing to watch the
    pup will help determine
    how aggressive a pup will
    be. You can also watch
    his/her behavior with
    siblings. More dominant
    pups will control their
    siblings. Usually the pups
    that are the last to come
    out of the crate are more
    shy and will not be as
    I usually spend more time
    with these pups to make
    sure they get the proper

    In rare cases, some pups
    do more become more
    aggressive over time. This
    is usually due to their
    environment and can be
    corrected in most cases
    with recognition of the
    problem and steps taken to
    correct it.  

    What is the required
    deposit to reserve a
    Jack Russell Puppy?  
    A $300 deposit will
    guarantee your placement
    of a pup.
    For your convenience we
    offer Secure On Line
    Payment Processors
    The final amount is due at
    six weeks or before the
    pup is delivered.
    If personal checks are
    written, please allow two
    before estimated shipping
    date, as check must clear
    before pup is delivered.
    Please DO NOT ask me to
    do otherwise. The check
    should be made out to me:  
    Jana Crawford, and mailed
    to the address on the
    bottom of each page.

    Which is better:  male
    or female Jack
    This is a matter of personal
    preference and it should
    be decided with each
    individual. Most people will
    state their preference to
    sex of their pup. It is really
    a matter of personal
    preference and I usually try
    to honor the prospective
    owner's wishes. If a person
    does not know which sex
    they prefer, they usually
    just follow their heart on
    which pup steals it.

    Also, what is your adoption
    process for the Jack
    Russell Pups?   
    I really like to talk to the
    person on the phone
    adopting the puppy. I want
    to make sure that the
    persons adopting a pup
    are ready
    for a jack russell terrier -
    not everyone is. They are
    not for everyone. If they
    want a dog that constantly
    wants to be a part of their
    life and they have time to
    spend with a dog then jack
    russells are a great reward.
    Hunt Terriers:
    The history of the Hunt
    Terrier is both old and new.
    Huntsmen in the early
    England and Ireland used a
    solid colored terrier known
    as the Hunt Terrier. These
    dogs were bred by terrier
    men who selected stock
    based on "gameness" or
    hunting abilities. A hunting
    breed, not a show dog,
    little documentation such
    as pedigrees or breed
    was kept on these dogs.
    Good dogs continued to be
    bred by dedicated terrier
    enthusiasts and Hunt
    Terriers were undoubtedly
    in the formation of several
    more modern terrier
    breeds. It was the Hunt
    Terrier that was mixed with
    a White English Terrier to
    form the Russell Terrier

    The future of the Hunt
    Terrier remains unclear.
    There are not many, but
    those that own them are
    passionate about keeping
    them around.

    The HTCA is working to
    build our registry and take
    the Hunt Terrier into a
    major kennel club in the

    Hopefully, with kennel club
    acceptance, the Hunt
    terrier will gain the
    recognition it deserves!
    How to care for
    your new jack
    russell pup.............
    People have different
    circumstances that enable
    them to take care of their
    new jack russell puppy in
    different ways.  However,
    are some standard
    practices that should be
    utilized when bringing a
    new jack russell puppy into
    your home.

    1.  Make sure your home is
    "puppy proof".  Just like
    babies, jack russell pups
    will get into just about
    anything.  Things that can
    be chewed easily, wires,
    things that can be easily
    swallowed are just some
    examples of things that
    need to be removed
    before your new jack
    russell puppy comes into
    your home.
    2.  Purchase a crate.  If
    your pup does not already
    have his own crate, it is a
    good idea to purchase
    one.  It needs to be small
    enough that he can fit into
    it comfortably but not large
    enough that he can soil
    one end and sit on the
    other.  IF he learns that he
    has to sit in his own soil,
    he will learn more easily to
    hold it until he can go
    3.  Purchase good food.  I
    feed Iams Pro Active Health
    Puppy.  It is not a really
    expensive food and they
    do very well on it.  I  am
    sorry, but Old Roy just
    doesn't cut it for me.  It
    needs to be a quality food
    made by a quality pet food
    4.  Purchase a harness for
    your jack russell puppy.  
    Harnesses are much easier
    to use in training your pup
    to lead and they are not so
    easy to get out of .  Buy
    one that will fit your pup.  
    You can get one that can
    be adjusted way down to fit
    your pup, but if needed go
    to a smaller size.  Your pup
    is worth the price of a good
    5.  Be consistent.  When
    you are potty training your
    jack russell puppy, be
    consistent in his training.  
    Don't take him out one time
    and then the next time it is
    too cold or too rainy so "I
    will just let him go inside
    this one time and take him
    out next time".  You must
    be consistent and your pup
    will learn to potty by what
    touches the bottom of his
    feet.  If it is carpet, then it
    will be carpet.....
    6.  Spend lots of time with
    your new jack russell
    puppy.  Nothing makes a
    better dog than human
    companionship and
    nothing is more rewarding
    that a jack russell that
    loves you will all his heart.
    7.  Consult others when
    you have problems.  I will
    answer any questions that I
    can and if I don't know the
    answer, I will ask someone
    I think does know.  You can
    always learn more about
    your jack russell puppy.  It
    is an ongoing process
    throughout your life and
    8.  Take good care of your
    new pup.  When he needs
    shots/deworming, do it.  
    Keep your jack russell
    puppy on heart worm
    It is some trouble but
    MUCH less expensive and
    less heartbreaking than
    your jack russell puppy
    carrying heart worms and
    having to be treated to get
    rid of them.  It does not
    hurt for your pup to be
    checked once a year for
    health's sake.  Just like
    you, a checkup might
    prevent future problems.
    9.  LOVE your jack russell
    puppy.  This is your new
    companion for many years
    and the love and devotion
    you give your new jack
    russell puppy will be paid
    back many times over in
    the love you will receive in
    turn.  It is true....once your
    go jack, you won't go
    10.  Teach others about
    your new jack russell
    puppy.  When you have
    company, let them enjoy
    your pup as you do, but do
    let them know what is
    acceptable behavior for
    your jack russell pup and
    what is acceptable
    behavior for them with
    your new puppy.  Nothing
    is more frustrating that for
    you to work so hard with
    your pup only to have
    someone else do damage
    to the relationship/training
    you have built
    with your new jack russell

    I hope you find this
    information valuable and
    please let me know there
    are other things I should
    add to this list.  
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