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We want to talk to our potential
puppy family as this helps us find
the best puppy for your family.

    Pet Quality Puppies:
    $800.00 - up

    Breeding Quality Puppies
    $1000.00 - Up

    Individually priced as listed
What are the prices for the Jack Russells and Hunt Terriers? Does it vary?  
Puppies are priced according to their bloodlines and outstanding breeding quality. Pricing often depends on the parents, the quality
of the pup and the way it conforms to the breed standard, conformation, coloring, or the coats.  My prices do not depend on what
the buyer plans to do with the pup (breed or spay/neuter), but rather the quality of the pup.

  • Payments accepted by:
    CHECK (with 10 day hold)

    $300. non refundable Deposit
    required to reserve a current
    or planned litter selection.

  • Domestic purchase w/ shipment:
    (including shipment if applicable)
    are due in full at six weeks of age.

  • Domestic shipping can be
    estimated at about $275-$350
    for most shipments and we can
    ship to most major airports using
    Delta-American-United Airlines.

  • Includes Travel Certificate
    Airline approved crate
    Water and Food Cups
    Extra Bedding in Winter

  • When shipping is necessary. Flight
    schedules will depend on best
    weather conditions for the puppy.
  • International buyers must
    pay ½ down at time of purchase
    and payment in full 4 weeks
    before shipment.  

  • There is a $500 extra fee
    for international shipment
    to cover cost of travel to
    an international airport.  

  • International: Health Certificates
    average $150 each.  If you are from
    a foreign country, please check your
    importation requirements before
    deciding to purchase.  

  • Some countries have very stringent
    requirements and a lot of paperwork
    and I reserve the right to decline
    to ship to some countries.

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  • After deposit is placed on a pup,
    the new owner and I will discuss
    an optimum time for receiving
    your new pup.  

  • Consideration is given to the time
    of the year receiving the pup, the
    amount of time the new owner
    will be able to spend with the pup,
    travel during warm/cold months.  
*Buyer Cancellation Discloser:  
At buyer's request, seller agrees to remove selected puppy / adult / pre-birth pic reservation from current available list,
with full disclosure that should
buyer decide to cancel their confirmed purchase or reservation for any reason,
buyer will forfeit the $300. non-refundable portion payment applied towards buyer's purchase or reservation.

  • EJRTCA™®  + AKC Registration
    Registration will be provided in your
    Puppy Pack at time of personal pick
    up or shipping. In most cases we are
    allowed to attach your puppy pack
    on top of the crate if traveling by air.
    If not we will send by USPS mail.
    Instruction on how to complete
    registration can be found at  
  • Print the necessary forms and follow
    the directions to complete registration.
    Puppy must be at least 6 months of
    age before registration can be
  • AKC  Russell Terrier

jack russell logo
American Hunt Terrier

  • 1. Have you ever owned a Jack
    Russell Terrier?
  • 2. If so, why do you prefer
    Jack Russell Terriers to other breeds?
  • 3. If you have not previously owned
    a jack Russell Terrier, what do you
    know about a
    Jack Russell Terrier?
  • 4. Will you be able to spend a lot
    of time with your new pup?
  • 5. How will your pup be able
    to live in your new home?  
    For example, do you plan for your
    pup to live inside or outside your
    home?  Or both?  
    Have you discussed owning a Jack
    Russell Terrier with your vet?
  • 6. How do you plan to house train
    your pup?
  • 7. Do you have children?  
    If so, what are their ages?  
    Have you discussed responsibility
    of owning a pup with them?
  • 8. Do you plan to raise Jack Russell
    Terriers?  If so, what organizations
    are you involved with?  
    How equipped are you to raise a
    litter of pups?
  • 9. Do you prefer a more/less active
  • 10. What type of markings do you
  • 11. What size pup do you prefer?

  • These questions are certainly not
    meant to intimidate you,
    but to help you make a responsible
    choice in choosing a Jack Russell
    pup that will rewarding for both
    you and your new pup.  Happy
    dog owners and happy pups are
    the ultimate goal of my breeding
    program.  Most of my pups are
    placed by referrals and happy
    owners refer programs that
    help them make good decisions.

    our shorties for two health concerns
    that are known to affect several terrier
    PLL  Primary Lense Luxation
    SCA  Spinocerebellar Ataxia

  • NuVet Supplements As important as a
    healthy diet is, we firmly believe that in
    this day and time, that even the best
    high quality food may not always be
    enough. This is why we provide
    NuVet Plus Supplements.    
    Puppies are born with  immature
    immune systems. It takes time for
    puppies to fully develop a strong
    immune system.
    NuVet Plus helps bridge the gap.
    We put our shorties and their puppies
    needs first and foremost.
    We feel that all dogs greatly benefit
    from this human grade supplement.
  • Call:  1-800-474-7044 using
    Order Code: 34861
    Order online:  

    How old are the pups when you let them go to their new home?  
    Most Jack Russells are released after eight weeks.  Some I keep longer. This depends on the situation it is going to be
    placed in. Sometimes the prospective owner may be spending some time traveling or be "out of pocket" and not ready to
    accommodate a new pup in their home and I don't mind keeping the baby until his/her new owner is ready.  I also like to
    make sure the pups have had at least two vaccinations before traveling to their new home.  

    Are your dogs good with children?  
    All of my pups are socialized with my granddaughters which play inside the house and outside the house with them, dress
    them, wrap them up like babies, cuddle them, etc.  Many of my pups go to homes with children, so far the most part, all
    of my pups have been good with children.  I do begin watching my pups as soon as their personalities start to develop and
    the pups that come out of the crate first are usually the more outgoing. This is not ALWAYS the case, but many times will
    follow this pattern. Carefully continuing to watch the pup will help determine how aggressive a pup will be. You can also
    watch behavior with siblings. More dominant pups will control their siblings. Usually the pups that are the last to come out
    of the crate are more shy and will not be as aggressive. I usually spend more time with these pups to make sure they get
    the proper socialization and they end up being super sweet, loving pups.

    In rare cases, some pups do more become more aggressive over time. This is usually due to their environment and can be
    corrected in most cases with recognition of the problem and steps taken to correct it.  

    Also, what is your adoption process for the Jack Russell Pups?   
    I really like to talk to the person on the phone adopting the puppy. I want to make sure that the persons adopting a pup are
    ready for a jack russell terrier - not everyone is. They are not for everyone. If they want a dog that constantly wants to be
    a part of their life and they have time to spend with a dog then jack russells are a great reward.
    The home for my adult jack russell terriers was built March-May of 2005 It boasts 10 outside runs, the smallest being
    11 x 90 feet and the largest 30 x 93 feet. All 10 outside runs have access to their own inside area where they can go to
    stay cool/warm depending on the time of the year.  In the summer, my dogs have fans full time blowing on them and in
    the winter there are heaters and a wood burning stove to keep them warm....... Inside you will also find cabinets to store
    doggie items in, a wash basin (perish the thought!), and a hot water heater to make the water more suitable.... oh, the
    life we must lead...........
    How to care for your new jack russell pup............
    People have different circumstances that enable them to take care of their new jack russell puppy in different ways.  
    However, there are some standard practices that should be utilized when bringing a new puppy into your home.

    1.  Make sure your home is "puppy proof".  Just like babies, jack russell pups will get into just about anything.  
    Things that can be chewed easily, wires, things that can be easily swallowed are just some examples of things that need
    to be removed before your new jack russell puppy comes into your home.
    2.  Purchase a crate.  If your pup does not already have his own crate, it is a good idea to purchase one. It needs to be
    enough that he can fit into it comfortably but not large enough that he can soil one end and sit on the other.  IF he learns
    that he has to sit in his own soil, he will learn more easily to hold it until he can go outside.
    3.  Purchase good food.  I feed Nutri Source.  It is not a really expensive food and they do very well on it. I am sorry,
    but Old Roy just doesn't cut it for me.  It needs to be a quality food made by a quality pet food distributor.  
    4.  Purchase a harness for your jack russell puppy.  Harnesses are much easier to use in training your pup to lead and they
    are not so easy to get out of .  Buy one that will fit your pup.  You can get one that can be adjusted way down to fit your
    pup, but if needed go to a smaller size.  Your pup is worth the price of a good harness.
    5.  Be consistent.  When you are potty training your jack russell puppy, be consistent in his training.  Don't take him out
    one time and then the next time it is too cold or too rainy so "I will just let him go inside this one time and take him out next
    time".  You must be consistent and your pup will learn to potty by what touches the bottom of his feet.  If it is carpet, then
    it will be carpet.....
    6.  Spend lots of time with your new jack russell puppy.  Nothing makes a better dog than human companionship and
    nothing is more rewarding that a jack russell that loves you will all his heart.
    7.  Consult others when you have problems.  I will answer any questions that I can and if I don't know the answer, I will
    ask someone that I think does know.  You can always learn more about your jack russell puppy. It is an ongoing process
    throughout your life and his.
    8.  Take good care of your new pup.  When he needs shots/deworming, do it.  Keep your jack russell puppy on heart
    worm preventative. It is some trouble but MUCH less expensive and less heartbreaking than your jack russell puppy
    carrying heart worms and having to be treated to get rid of them.  It does not hurt for your pup to be checked once a
    year for health's sake. Just like you, a checkup might prevent future problems.
    9.  LOVE your jack russell puppy.  This is your new companion for many years and the love and devotion you give
    your new jack russell puppy will be paid back many times over in the love you will receive in turn.  It is true....once
    your go jack, you won't go back!!!!
    10.  Teach others about your new jack russell puppy.  When you have company, let them enjoy your pup as you do,
    but do let them know what is acceptable behavior for your jack russell pup and what is acceptable behavior for them
    with your new puppy.  Nothing is more frustrating that for you to work so hard with your pup only to have someone
    else do damage to the relationship/training you have built with your new jack russell pup. I hope you find this
    information valuable and please let me know there are other things I should add to this list.  
    Shorties are known to live up to 15 -20 yrs Please make sure that your family has the time to devote to a puppies
    needs and are ready for the lifetime commitment to provide a loving and stable home.
    To inquire about puppy of interest,
    or have a question you would like to

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