Puppies For Sale

Available Shortie Jack Russell and Hunt Terrier Puppies. Additional pictures provided upon request.

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Covergyrl x Peanuts

Whelped: 4/13/21 Ready: 6/15/21
3 males, 1 female

Litter reserved at this time. Some may be available later.

Pictures updated: 4/17/21

Cadpig–tri female–Reserved

Captain Hook–R/W male–$1,500

Carpenter–R/W male–$1,500

Caterpillar–R/W male–$1,500

Oreo x Joop

Whelped: 2/23/21 Ready: 4/20/21
2 females, 1 male

Pictures updated: 4/11/21

Joop, chocolate hunt terrier in the USA

Oogie Boogie–sable male–Reserved

Orwen–black female–Reserved

Orddu–sable female–Reserved

Britni x Jongen

Whelped: 4/6/21 Ready: 6/1/21
Four females, 3 males

Reservations pending

Pictures updated 4/17/21

Banshee–Tri Female–$1,500

No breeding rights

Baron Mordo–R/W male–$1,500

No breeding rights

Baylene–BR/W female–$1,500

No breeding rights

Benard–Tri male–$1,500

No breeding rights

Belle–Sable female–$1,500

Limited breeding rights

Black Widow–Bl/tan female–$1,500

Limited breeding rights

Bruce Banner–BR/W male–$1,500

No breeding rights

I reserve the right to retain 1st pick puppy (male or female) of all litters for the protection and continuation of my breeding program.