Puppies For Sale

Available Shortie Jack Russell and Hunt Terrier Puppies. Additional pictures provided upon request. All puppies are priced without breeding rights.

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Bayli x Grahams

Whelped: 3/3/22 Ready: 4/21/22

One male available

Pictures updated: 5/1/22

Beast–Blue male–Reserved

Blue Fairy–Lilac–Female–Reserved

Bo Peep–Sable female–Reserved

Bruno–sable male–$1,500


Belle–chocolate female–Reserved

Countess x Scotty

Whelped: 3/4/22 Ready: 4/29/22

4 females, 3 males

Broken or rough coats

Two males available

Pictures updated: 5/1/22

Camilo–BR/W female–Reserved

Cayse–BR/W female–Reserved

Chaca–BR/W female–Reserved

Chip–BR/W male–Reserved

Cogsworth R/W male–Reserved

Cruella–R/W female–Reserved

Crush–BR/W male–Reserved

Georgia x Alef (Monkey)

Whelped: 3/7/22 Ready: 5/2/22

Pictures updated 5/1/22

Smooth coats

Gaston–BR/W male–Reserved

Georgette–BR/W female–Reserved
Giggle–BR/W female–Reserved

Guinevere–BR/W female–Reserved

Baby D x Templar

Whelped: 3/24/22 Ready: 5/19/22

Females reserved 1 male available

Pictures updated: 5/1/22

Babette–BR/W female–Reserved
Bart Simpson–BR/W male–$1,500


Bellwether–BR/W female–Reserved
Boomer BR/W male–Reserved

Buggs–BR/W male–Reserved
Bunny–BR/W female–Reserved

I reserve the right to retain 1st pick puppy (male or female) of all litters for the protection and continuation of my breeding program.