Puppies For Sale

Available Shortie Jack Russell and Hunt Terrier Puppies. Additional pictures provided upon request. All puppies are priced without breeding rights.

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Hershye x Grahams

Whelped: 2/3/23 Ready: 3/31/23

Pick female reserved

Four females, one male

Pictures updated: 5/24/23

Grahams, a Brown Jack Russell Terrier
Halima–Chocolate sable female–$1,500


Happy–Chocolate male–Reserved

Helen Parr–Chocolate sable–Reserved

Hera–chocolate sable female–$1,500


Holly–sable female–$1,500


Varya x Pavel

Whelped: 3/6/23 Ready: 5/1/23

Three males, 2 females

Two picks reserved

Pictures updated: 5/24/23

Venellope–BR/W female–$1,500


Verne–BR/W male–Reserved
Victor Chachet–BR/W male–Reserved

Videa–BR/W female–$1,500


Vinnie–BR/W male–$1,500


Bayli x Choco Taco

Whelped: 3/17/23 Ready: 5/12/23

Six males, 2 females

Pictures updated 5/24/23

Backson–lilac male–Reserved
Baloo–Blue male–no white–Reserved
Bashful–blue male–minimal white–more brown–Reserved
Bo Peep–Lilac female–Reserved
Bobby–Blue and white male–Reserved

Bomb Voyage–Tri male–$1,500


Buzz–Silver Blue male–small amount of white–Reserved

Bubbles–Blk/tan female–Reserved

MacKenzie x Ringo

Whelped: 4/29/23 Ready: 6/24/23

3 females, 1 male

Pictures updated 5/24/23

2 female picks reserved

Mindy BR/W female–$1,500

Macintosh–tri male–$1,500


Mirage–R/W female–$1,500

Miriam–BR/W female–$1,500

Covergyrl x Peanuts

Whelped: 12/9/22 Ready: 2/3/22

2 females, 2 males, pick female reserved

Pictures updated: 5/15/23

Chum BR/W male–$1,500


Taylor x Peanuts

Whelped: 2/4/23 Ready: 4/1/23

4 females,1 male

Pictures updated 5/24/23

Taffyta–R/W smooth female–Reserved

Tiana–Blk/W female–broken coat–$1,500


Tiger Lily–Smooth Blk/W or Seal female–$1,500


Tong–Blk/W male–Reserved

Trixie–BR/W broken female–$1,500


I reserve the right to retain 1st pick puppy (male or female) of all litters for the protection and continuation of my breeding program.