Current and Planned Litters

Janie x Ringo

Breeding in March

Scotty, sire of Baby D

Pockets x Scotty

Breeding this spring

Pick Reserved

For more information, contact Lauren McWilliams @ 870-904-4249.

Covergyrl x Peanuts

Whelped: 12/9/22

Two males, 2 females

Pick female reserved

Georgia x Pavel

Breeding winter 2022

Pick reserved

Varya x Pavel

Breeding early January

Two picks reserved

Countess x Ringo

Whelped: 2/3/23

Three males available

Hidden Meadow Ringo Imastar

Karoline x Scotty

Breeding late February

Scotty, sire of Baby D

MacKenzie x Ringo

Breeding in the spring

Bred late February

Hershye x Grahams

Whelped: 2/3/23

4 females, 1 male

Bayli x Choco (blue carrier)

Whelped: 3/17/23

6 males, 2 females–some will be available

Patti (blue carrier) x Jongen

Breeding this winter

Lilah Jane x Bradshaw (blue carrier)

Breeding in the spring

Raven x Peanuts

Whelped: 12/21/22

2 males available