Current and Planned Litters

Karoline x Scotty

Bred 7/19/22

Two picks Reserved

Hershye x Grahams

Bred 5/26/22

One male available

Georgia x Alef

Breeding mid August

Pick reserved

Peach x Templar

Breeding Mid August

Pick reserved

Morgan x Peanuts

Bred 8/27/22

Baby D x Templar

Bred 8/7/22

Pick female reserved

Maggie Sue x Cinko (blue carrier)

Late summer breeding planned

Varya x Munchkin

Bred 6/13/22

1 male and 1 female reserved

Mags x Cinko (blue carrier)

Breeding late summer

Pick reserved

MacKenzie x Templar

Due mid September

reservations available

Taylor x Cuatro

Whelped: 8/4/22

Two males available