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Russellville Farms Health Guarantee - Return/Refund Policy
    *Health Guarantee does not include normal routine puppy preventative care: such as vaccinations, worming, fleas,
    poisoning, accidents, neglect, malnutrition, abuse, skin disorders due to stress, environmental tolerances or lack of
    preventative care from fleas or maintaining healthy hygiene.  Conformation, ear set, coat at maturity, or bites are
    impossible to predict when puppies are purchased at 8 - 10 weeks of age. Standing ears, body and leg freckles are
    cosmetic. Legs slightly less than straight remain common in this breed and will not qualify for return* or replacement. If
    alterations or no alterations are made at the time of birth other than what I normally do, payment for pup must be made in full at
    that time and the puppy will be yours  unless there is something physically wrong with the pup.  If you want me to resell the
    pup, I will do so, but you will forfeit your deposit, regardless of how the pup turned out (legs, ears, coat, etc)

    Please Note: I furthermore make NO assumptions or guarantees regarding puppies requested to be placed with full
    registration, with or without purchaser’s intent to use pup for breeding purposes. Puppies are vet certified at time of
    placement. Any/all imperfections are noted on the vet certificate (health certificate) including results of current exam
    for under/over bites, inguinal/umbilical hernias, luxating patellas, and testicles descended on males.
    There is no way to guarantee that puppies purchased will continue to mature as anticipated, as there are many factors
    that can alter a puppies development. Therefore, we do not guarantee breeding quality or ability to breed when
    purchased at such a young age. I do NOT refund price of any pup.  Puppies that are placed with breeder/buyer
    per-acknowledged imperfections, such as over/under bites are "SOLD AS IS" and will be stated in writing that both
    parties are aware of the imperfections.

    *NON MEDICAL RETURNS APPLIES TO:  families that no longer have the ability or desire to keep a puppy that
    is already in buyer's possession. Russellville Farms' puppies will always welcomed back home or breeder will assist
    buyer in search for new home. *Health Guarantee does not include normal routine puppy preventative care: such as
    vaccinations, type of housing or care that could contribute to imperfections.
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