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Our Jack Russell Terriers
All breeding dogs PLL and SCA tested clear or clear by parentage
Jack Russell Terrier Males
    RV' DJ
    12" - Brn/Wht-Smooth Coat.
    DJ is out of one of my favorite
    females, Kowgyrl, and
    Brightjacks Bandit. My husband
    chose him as his companion and
    he is the love of his life. We
    began using him as a sire and
    he has been excellent with many
    of his offspring being used in
    breeding programs.  Retired
    Claddagh Little Bud
    10" -Tan/Wht-Smooth Coat
    Bud comes to us from Claddagh
    Kennels. His sire was sired by
    Russellville Bud by Short Stop
    Trevor.   Little Bud's dam is
    Claddagh breeding. Little
    Bud has a GREAT personality
    and gives that along with super
    bone and substance to his
    Pratsal's Dac Tary
    11 ", tri male, rough coat.
    "Dac" comes to us from
    Ecuador.  Very correct and
    very sweet boy. Dac is a super
    sire, adding bone, substance,
    straight legs, and beautiful heads
    and ears, not to mention, very
    personable attitudes!
    Brightjacks' Elliott
    9.5" We are excited to welcome
    back our bloodlines into our
    program in such an outstanding
    example of the breed.  Elliott
    has consistently produced pups
    with nice ears and bone, sweet
    personalties and good substance.
    RV'  You Crack Me Up
    our newest addition to our
    breeding program.  Crackers is
    out of MeMe and Tex, from
    Cow Country. We are so
    excited to
    add this little guy!
    RV' Khatmandu
    9" - Brn/Wht-Smooth Coat
    Khatmandu (aka Trey) We
    were so excited to add him
    to our breeding program!
    Trey is a son of my beloved
    Keatau and out of Delilah.
    Trey gives us awesome pups
    with tons of substance and
    bone and precious personalties!
    Dyas Farm's All  
    Zipped Up
    "Zipper" has arrived from
    Dyas Farms.  
    We are so excited to add
    this new guy to our breeding
    program, being a total out
    cross for us.  We want to
    hank Donna for sharing her
    breeding program with us.
    RV' Dash Riprock
    aka "Rocky" has sired some
    excellent litters here that
    have gone on to make
    excellent producing dogs.
    On lease to Lobolly Farms.
    Snowy Scotty of Lovely Lady's
    aka "Scotty", imported from
    the Netherlands.  
    We are so excited to add
    Scotty to our breeding program.  
    Thank you, Sheree, for allowing
    us to have Scotty.

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Jack Russell Terrier Females
Adelaide, female jack russell
    RV Adelaide
    "Ady" is making a super
    mom and has some super

    We are excited about her
    pups!!!  She has been super
    about it and
    has taken great care of them.
Kholi, female jack russell terrier
    Brightjacks' Khloi of Russellville  
    Khloi is our newest star being
    added to our breeding program.  
    Khloi is totally coming from our
    lines being out of Claddagh's
    Little Bud and Khari, a Trey/Patti
    We welcome this beautiful little
    jewel to our breeding program!
Cindy, female jack russell
    Cindy Lou Who
    Cindy has been added to
    our breeding program and
    has produced two outstanding
    litters.  Sired by Ellliott and
    out of Shelbye, Cindy is the
    epitome of what we strive to
    breed here at Russellville
Shelbye, female jack russell
    RV' Shelbye
    9" - Brn/Wht-Smooth Coat
    Shelbye is out of Sweet P
    and Gopher and is a continuation
    of the Russellville breeding
    program; adding continuing
    excellence to our program.
    Shelbye is a extremely sweet,
    come to you and be a part of
    your life.
Bingle, female jack russell
    Colorado Jacks Baby Bingle
    "Bingle" is here from
    Colorado Jacks.  We are
    so privileged to be able to
    add this beautiful female to
    our breeding program.
Meme, female jack russell
    Dyas Farm's Ohme Ohmy
    "Meme" arrived the first part
    of 2014 and was added to
    our breeding program in late
    2014. Bred by Dyas Farms,
    Meme is totally new bloodline
    added to the Russellville
    breeding program. We thank
    Donna for the opportunity to
    add such a great bloodline to
    our breeding program!
Panda, female jack russell
    Acorn Acres Ima
    Panda Bear
    Coming to us from Acorn Acres.
    PandaBear is an exciting addition
    bringing new blood to our
    program.We welcome our new
Doodles, female jack russell
    RV' Doodles
    Our Bud/Dixie daughter.
    9.5 ". Doodles was added
    to our breeding program and
    has given us outstanding pups.  
    Sweet, comical, fun loving,
    and loves to be with
    you and in your lap!!!  
    Also loves treats............:o)
Lacye, female jack russell
    RV' Lacye
    BR/W 9 " Smooth
    Lacye is a daughter out of
    Bud and Lucye that has
    been retained for our
    breeding program.  Lacee
    is sweet, pretty, and has the
    thick soft coat of her
    grandma, Daisy. Retiring
Beans, female jack russell
    Cow Country Jumpin' Beans
    9 in Tri female. We welcome
    Beans from Cow Country Jacks
    in Throckmorton, TX. Beans has
    given us beautiful babies and we
    are hoping to produce more!
"Blue"  out of Dac and
New Additions to
Russellville Farms!
"Kenley" out of Scotty and
"Quatro" out of Trey and
"Red" out of Zypper and
    Jack Russell Terriers
    The Jack Russell Terriers' history began with a man named Reverend John Russell. He was commonly referred to as Parson Jack.
    The Jack Russell Terrier breed started with a small white Fox Terrier…a female by the name of "Trump". Trump was breed
    specifically for hunting, a task requiring great stamina, intelligence, spirit, and conformationals. The Jack Russells were breed to
    handle difficult trails, small tunnels, and hidden dens to flush out game.

    The Jack Russell Terriers have three distinct hair types. They are commonly referred to as the smooth coat, the broken coat,
    a slightly wire-hair texture, and a rough coat. Their coat should be no less than 51% white. Jack Russell Terriers are found in
    two sizes. They are either 10 to 12 inches tall or 12 to 15 inches tall. The Jack Russell Terrier’s body should be proportional
    to its height. It should be compact, yet well balanced and athletic in appearance. Their tails are often docked at birth to about
    4 inches and should be carried proudly, and high in the air. Their paws are generally small, well padded and should point
    straight, not angled out. Jack Russell’s ears are usually folded forward and close to the head. However, some admirers prefer ears
    that are pricked or sticking up slightly.

    These little dogs are packed full of energy! They are best suited to those with a very active lifestyle. They are extremely social and
    require a good bit of attention. They should be a house or inside dog but it helps to have access to open spaces to burn off excess
    energy. These terriers were breed to be hunters, so they love to chase toys and balls or go for a long run. Since they are
    a hunting breed, they help keep pests away… but should be supervised around other pets such as cats, hamsters, and other
    small animals.

    Jack Russell Terriers love children and they are generally considered safe with all ages if they are raised with the children and
    trained properly. They are fun loving, playful dogs and will entertain you with both their intelligence and their antics. However,
    children under the age of six years old should always be supervised around dogs.

    Jack Russell Terriers have become increasingly popular due to their fame on recent movies and T.V. shows such as Frasier,
    Jim Carey's Mask, Gene Hackman’s Crimson Tide, Disney's Wishbone, and My Dog Skip...just to name a few!!!
Russellville Jacks participating in Agility

Tonto - Owned by
Stacie Hoffman
    Just wanted to send this photo of Tanq’s first title….
    The titles aren’t the end all and be all for me, but, when you
    have a great little agility dog , he makes things much easier
    to acquire! Thank you for that, Jana! Onward and upward.  
    I am thinking to trial on both sides of the border with Tanq
    and eventually Zuni. Have our first USDAA trial coming
    soon!. Actually met a lady at the last trial that knew exactly
    what Tanq was and thought him a fine example of a Hunt
    Terrier, at that. Take care and talk to you soon. Sandy
jack russell agility Tanq
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